I am a quantitative ecologist, conservation biologist, and data scientist working with butterflies to understand how global change is impacting Earth's biodiversity. I work by doing historical reconstructions of past ecologies and by drawing from techniques in Bayesian inference, multilevel modeling, dynamical systems, and artificial intelligence.

I am a current David H. Smith Postdoctoral Conservation Research Fellow hosted by the Ecological Data Science Laboratory at the University of Southern California. I am co-mentored by an amazing team of scientists including Drs. Melissa Guzman, Rob Guralnick, Pedro Cardoso, and Kevin Burls.

Core Research Themes

Eco-evolutionary Dynamics of Butterflies Under Global Change

I am interested in understanding how butterflies respond to environmental stress through modifications to phenotype, spatial distributions, and genetic diversity.

Biodiversity Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

I develop new tools in statistics and artificial intelligence to mobilize "big data" and understand eco-evolutionary and other dynamics of complex ecological systems.

Conservation Biology, Policy, and Social Dimensions

I contribute a variety of opinions regarding conservation assessments and policy and am currently exploring new work in the social dimensions of wildlife conservation. I partner with key non-profits to accomplish these goals.